About Me

Welcome to Finesseyourtress.com where Mixed hair care is the most important topic.

My name is Reanda (pron: Ray-on-da) and I’m a current cosmetology student, University of Kansas graduate, Rock Chalk, and curly hair fanatic on my way to texture specialist to the stars…. we all can dream right!

Mixed Curly Hair

That’s Me!

Growing up, I was never quite sure what to do with my hair. My mother is Hawaiian and Egyptian, my father was Black and White. All throughout my childhood my mom tried to teach me how to care for my hair with the limited products available, as mixed race hair care wasn’t catered to in the 90’s.

When i was about 11 years old, the age when I began straightening and styling my own hair, I discovered that it was MY job to take responsibility for my hair, to learn and gain as much knowledge as possible on Mixed race hair care and Biracial Hair. This clue came from an embarrassing interaction where one of my friends told me my hair was fried at the ends, and it could be healthy if I stopped straightening it so much.

Spending countless hours researching, fact finding, routines, and any help I could get, it all started to make sense. Long gone were the days of constantly straight hair because of manageability. Or throwing on a bun to not deal with the problem. I KNEW what I had to do for my hair and how my hair would react to it’s new care regiment and routine. I found the secret for making my naturally curly mixed hair shine bright like the mane it was always meant to be.

Please come along with me for this crazy, twisty, curl coaster and dive deep into information over Mixed curly hair care. Where we find the facts and offer sustainable routines and tips to transform your hair. As I learn through school and research so will you!