Biracial Hair Care : 4 Night time Curly Hair Routine Tips

Night time can make or break a hairstyle when it comes to curly hair. With many rules to abide by, preparing your hair for sleep is a routine all in itself.

Curly hair follows different rules in the realm of sleeping, so certain precautions need to be taken before hitting your head to pillow.

Today we’ll go over 4 of the most basic steps to take when preparing to sleep with curly hair.

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Mixed Hair Care: 4 More Nut-Free Oils for Curly Hair

Oils are an important part of sealing and hydrating hair strands in curly hair routines. Able to be purchased in a variety of scents, strengths, and properties, oils can be used for just about anything.

If you missed the first 4 Nut-Free Oils for Curly Hair, click the link to see what was on our list!

Before diving into the meat of this article, let us first make the distinction between Essential Oils and Carrier oils, because not all oils can be used the same way. NenoNatural found that

Carrier oils are normally vegetable oils derived from the fatty parts of a plant, such as the seed, kernels or nuts; essential oils usually come from non-fatty areas such as bark, roots, stems, leaves and the aromatic portions of the plant

NenoNatural warns us that Essential Oils can cause burns and irritation to the skin if applied directly. Essential Oils must be diluted before use on the skin and hair, as they are very concentrated. Examples of Essential Oils would be Tea Tree and Lavender, while a great Carrier Oil would be Vitamin E oil.

The oils we will be discussing today are all safe for use on the hair, and if containing an essential oil, can be purchased specifically for use on the hair and scalp.

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Mixed Hair Care : 3 Reasons To Use Aloe Vera Juice for Curly Hair

In recent years Aloe Vera has been growing in popularity, well-known for its healing properties for burns on skin, it’s now making waves as a miracle hair product.

The says Aloe Vera is

A succulent plant that has no stem, the fleshy leaves hold special sacs filled with a gel that is released when the leaf is cut.[…] The gel is used to soothe burns, cuts and any skin inflammation.

If you haven’t heard of the benefits of using Aloe Vera for hair, this article will quickly tell you 3 reasons you’ll want to make it a staple.

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Mixed Hair Care : 4 Chlorine Removing Shampoos for Curly Hair

Whether it’s summer or spring break, pools are always the center of our amusement. Though cool and refreshing, pool water is not the good for your hair. Riddled with chemicals to treat and clean the water, these high power compounds dry out the skin and hair with frequent exposure resulting in damage.

Chlorine is a sanitizing agent used in public pools and water treatment. According to, public pools generally use 1 – 3 parts per million (ppm) Chlorine in water to sanitize and keep it at a safe level the same pH level of the eye and mucus membrane.

Chlorine can be very drying on the skin and hair, chlorinated pool water penetrates the cuticle by uplifting them with a pH level of 7.2 – 7.6, hair has a pH level of 4 – 5.5. (please see 3 Tips for Swimming with Curly hair for more information) When we swim our hair is absorbing chlorine water, stripping strands of the necessary protective moisture. If chlorine is not removed from the hair will develop split ends, straightening of curls, and color fade.

This post will be focused on shampoos, rinses, and hair cleansers and clarifiers that work best for chlorine removal and moisture retention. Remember, you never want to cowash your hair after swimming, cowashing is washing hair with conditioners and will not remove the chlorine from your hair’s cuticle layer. You need a shampoo with penetrating surfactants which can remove and push out anything that made its way in.

*All shampoos mentioned in this article are sulfate free

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Difeel – Sunflower Mega Care : Premium Peppermint Oil Hair Mask Review

Hair masks are an important staple in a spectacular curly hair care regime. describes hair masks as a deep conditioning treatment that helps to heal damaged hair; used when your “hair is damaged from the elements, from styling, from using hair straightening irons, [and] from waiting too long in between trims.”

Hair masks are made to help break down product build up, penetrate the scalp to absorb moisture, seal and strengthen the hair cuticles and much more! Being that there are many different hair masks containing different benefits and results, it is important to know your hair’s needs before starting a deep conditioning hair mask treatment.

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Mixed Hair Care : 3 Quick Ways to Refresh Curls



It’s okay to say it, maintaining perfect curly hair is hard. The labor  is so intensive and making a style last is another story! 

Being a bun and ponytail queen I rarely wear my curls out and down, simply because I just don’t have time! But when I do I like to cheat the system and refresh my curly hair that I’ve balled up in a bun or a particular style.

To me refreshing your curls doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be quick and simple and still lead to gorgeous results.

In this post we will be talking about 3 Quick Wasy to Refresh Curls, with some style hacks to cheat some hairstyles.
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Mixed Hair Care : 4 Nut-Free Oils for Curly Hair

There are many hair oils on market shelves containing pure extracts, carrier oil mixes, and complete concoctions for hair growth, it gets hard to stay knowledgable about hair oil options. Oils aren’t all the same they range from vegetable based, to plant based, nut based, and much more.

However, not all oils are allergy safe. Allergies are a huge concern for consumers, with one of the most common allergies being nut related. Allergies don’t only affect the body’s internally but also affect the scalp skin. Thus finding safe nut-free hair oils is a must for the curly hair community.

With Jojoba oil raining supreme in popularity, other oils get pushed to the side and undiscovered. But in this article we’re going to talk about 4 Nut-free Oils for Curly hair.

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Mixed Hair Care : Porosity, Texture, Density 101

The topic of Hair Porosity, Texture, and Density are subjects that are very important when it comes to properly caring and identifying curly hair types.

Though race and genetics play major factors in your hair’s texture and appearance, curly hair, especially mixed hair can be unpredictable in repeating curl pattern.

In this article we’ll go in a more descriptive view of texture, overview on porosity and density, and learn why the LOIS System is important for hair typing.

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Mixed Hair Care : 4 Tips for Camping with Biracial Curly Hair

Lets talk about camping.

Now I know I’m not the only biracial curly hair girl who loves to hike through dense woods, set up shop, and start a blazing fire warning all the spiders and bugs that I’m not afraid to whap them with a red-hot log.

Well maybe the last part is just me. But, I know that as a biracial curly hair girl my curls just don’t do well in heat, smoke, and soot. I used to camp every single weekend with my husband in Houston Texas, and if you know where Sam Houston National Park is you KNOW that those trees can hold in that heat honey. We camped so darn much we might as well have moved out of our apartment and lived in the woods.

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