Difeel – Sunflower Mega Care : Premium Peppermint Oil Hair Mask Review

Hair masks are an important staple in a spectacular curly hair care regime. HSIProfessional.com describes hair masks as a deep conditioning treatment that helps to heal damaged hair; used when your “hair is damaged from the elements, from styling, from using hair straightening irons, [and] from waiting too long in between trims.”

Hair masks are made to help break down product build up, penetrate the scalp to absorb moisture, seal and strengthen the hair cuticles and much more! Being that there are many different hair masks containing different benefits and results, it is important to know your hair’s needs before starting a deep conditioning hair mask treatment.

This week we’ll be talking about Difeel Sunflower Mega Care Peppermint Oil Hair masks. Difeel hair masks contain ingredients that nourish, strengthen and improve overall hair health and manageability. According to the package this Peppermint oil hair mask works to “deeply cleanse the hair and cool the scalp for an invigorating follicle stimulating wash. Detangles and restores moisture without weighing the hair down.” According to the directions this hair mask is applied after shampooing and left on for only 7 mins. No heat or processing cap necessary to reap the benefits of this particular mask.

difeel peppermint hair mask

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This Peppermint Oil Hair Mask was designed to be used by those seeking a deep, stimulating, clean without stripping the hair’s moisture. Peppermint helps break down product build up, penetrate the scalp to absorb moisture, and stimulate the scalp to improve blood circulation and promote growth. This hair mask contains ingredients such as vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosemary, and Coffee.

  • Oilypedia says that sunflower oil is an effective ingredient in conditioning greasy hair and has nourishing and strengthening effects. Sunflower oil prevents moisture loss and has softening effects.
  • Vitamin E  oil is an essential oil which acts as an emollient and carrier oil for thicker oils which take longer to penetrate the scalp skin and hair follicle.
  • Rosemary and Peppermint oil are scientifically proven to aid in hair growth all while stimulating the scalp skin and allowing easier penetration and adequate blood circulation.
  • Sweet Almond oil, as stated by Oilypedia, provides nourishment while reconditioning and softening the scalp and hair. Soothing the cuticle and enabling the hair to become stronger and thicker.
  • Coffee enhances the color of your hair without the use of harsh chemicals and dyes as said by Healthylivingideas.com , as well as providing a lustrous shine and preventing free radicals from penetrating the hair’s cuticles.


I purchased my peppermint oil hair mask at Ross in a variety pack containing 4 other hair masks for only $4.99. Being a big fan of peppermint oil I thought that this was an excellent find, as I have always wanted to try a hair mask but just haven’t found one right for my needs. Usually I see your general Argan, Olive, Placenta, Brazil nut, etc hair mask which work to condition dry, damaged, brittle hair, which thankfully is something that I do not need to work on. This peppermint oil hair mask was right up my alley as I do suffer from product build up and needing stimulation and moisture penetration for my low porosity hair. I tend to have an impenetrable scalp so the “invigorating follicle stimulating wash” really appealed to me.



The consistency of the product is not too thick and not at all watery, think of the consistency of a styling pudding but with a little less thickness. Upon opening the mask the scent was the first thing I noticed, it smelled just like peppermint, but not at all over powering. The Peppermint Hair Mask left my hair feeling soft, silky, and weightless. I have a combination of textures, cottony at the nape of my neck and silky throughout the rest of my hair. The cottony coarser areas of my hair were silky and smooth to the touch. I noticed that the my hair cuticles were extremely smooth, meaning that the hair mask closed and sealed my cuticles, as rough hair strands mean open cuticles which can be damaged by foreign free radicle elements. Detangling my hair was extremely easy, and the usual hair loss I get from combing product through my hair was non-existent. There was a stretching element to this product as the usual shrinkage I get from washing my hair was eliminated and my hair hung to its natural length.



Immediately upon putting the hair mask on my scalp and the rest of my hair there was an immense tingling sensation.  The mask was extremely stimulating almost to the point of overstimulation. I believe I lasted about 4 minutes before I was ready to wash the entire mask off, however I did wait the recommended 7 minutes.  The peppermint was so strong that I could not feel any other part of my body except the tingling of my scalp. Talk about a burst of Arctic Chill! Though the mask felt extremely uncomfortable while deep conditioning, the tingling stopped upon rinsing out the product with cool water. After the application of the hair mask I followed with my leave in conditioner and my styling cream. However, I was unpleasantly surprised to learn that frizz was a definite issue after using this mask. Now my hair does not frizz upon normal application of my curly hair regime, but after using this mask there was no way of calming down the frizz that covered the entirety of my head.


Overall, the Difeel Peppermint Oil Hair Mask was an experience for me. Though I really want to love this product as the pros of having silky, soft, smooth hair was amazing, the cons of the overstimulating tingle and the extreme frizz as the end result of the application was underwhellming. Personally I would recommend Difeel Sunflower Mega Care as a brand, but I will not be using this Peppermint Oil Hair Mask again.

Let me know your thoughts, have you thought of trying this particular Difeel Peppermint Oil Hair mask before? If you’ve already tried it what were your results?

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