Mixed Hair Care : 3 Quick Ways to Refresh Curls



It’s okay to say it, maintaining perfect curly hair is hard. The labor  is so intensive and making a style last is another story! 

Being a bun and ponytail queen I rarely wear my curls out and down, simply because I just don’t have time! But when I do I like to cheat the system and refresh my curly hair that I’ve balled up in a bun or a particular style.

To me refreshing your curls doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be quick and simple and still lead to gorgeous results.

In this post we will be talking about 3 Quick Wasy to Refresh Curls, with some style hacks to cheat some hairstyles.

1 .  Spritz to Refresh Curls

Our hair requires moisture to stay hydrated, elastic, and springy. When we manipulate our hair by styling it into ponytails and buns we are stretching the curl pattern. Not providing our hair with moisture days after styling can lead to have dry, streatched, and  salvagable curls.

If you are in a rush and need a bun disaster to turn into a Jasmin Brown master style, then spritz is for you. Using a spritz key to maintaining moisture in dry hair. Water based moisturizers fill the hairs cuticle while sealing in ends for frizz free hair.

Adding water based moisture to your hair will instantly revert your hair back to it’s orginal curl pattern. This is due to hair containing hydrogen bonds in it’s make up, when H20 or water is introduced to the hair, the hairs hydrogen bonds oxidize, reforming any hydrogen bond broken down from the styling and drying process.

Camping with Natural Hair

This giant spray bottle contains 1/2 Aloe Vera Juice and 1/2 Water.

Conditioning sprays” and “Hydration Sprays” are hot on the market shelves, but they aren’t your only options. Personally I think these sprays are on the heavy and sticky side, and I have yet to find one that doesn’t make my hair feel crunchy or gummy. 

My Tip: Opt for a DIY spritz that is simple and cheap, like Aloe Vera juice and Water. Not only will it save your pockets some cash, but it provides your hair and scalp with the right hydration and moisture without packing on additional products or oils.

If you curls are looking a frizzy or messy after styling them the next day, take your spritz and separate the hair in either sections or parts and spritz the hair from root to mid hair shaft. Gently smooth the spritz on to your hair using a palm to palm method going all the way down till the ends. Do not disturb the curl pattern by raking your fingers through the hair, as this will add to frizz and discrepancies in your style.

Once you have applied your spritz and smoothed your hair you can either diffuse it or let it air dry. The key is to apply enough spritz to make it damp, but not too much to make the hair soaking or dripping wet.

If needed you may add a little bit of product, no more than a quarter size per section, to your hair strands during the smoothing process.


2 . Steam is a Hair Dream

Hair steaming is popular in the natural hair community, not only to add body and loosen out a curl pattern, but also to open up the  scalp’s pores during a deep conditioning session.

Steam is a fantastic tool for curl girls who have thick dense hair. Steaming allows for heat and moisture to penetrate the scalp skin and the hair cuticle. When added to your Naturally Curly Hair regime, steaming hair once or twice a month will provide unbelievable results.

  • Girls with low porosity hair will benefit greatly from steaming their hair with hydrating oils and penetrating deep conditioners.
  • Girls with color treated or relaxed hair will benefit from steaming using reconstructive hair masks and protein treatments.

But wait, steaming isn’t just for deep conditioning days, hand-held steamers have enabled those who prefer a bigger bold head of hair to achieve these results without using a pick.

When we go to sleep at night our hair tends to flatten out on what ever side we laid our head to pillow. Picking the hair is still an option, but sometimes it disturbs the curl pattern we set in place. Using a hand steamer concentrates the steam in one area adding body and definition to the roots.

hair steamer

Pic Credit: Amazon

Steaming is a faster way to put body back into flattened curls without the manipulation of picking. Hand held steamers are found at your local beauty store, though they may be a bit pricey. Those who love Youtuber Nia The Light’s big curly fro would save a lot of time using a steamer than a pick.

Nia the Light

Please visit her twitter : @niathelight

If you can’t afford a steamer, the steam from the shower is also a good option to provide moisture back into dry curls. Though it won’t give you concentrated steam like a hand-held steamer, it still adds body and volume to your hair.

However, the amount of time you spend in the shower steam could have consequences on your hair’s styled curl pattern. This is especially true for those refreshing twist outs and braid outs. Too much steam will revert your curl pattern back to its original state, to avoid this make sure your hair is out of the water’s path and watch your hair to avoid over steaming.

My Tip: Gather hair into a loose high puff or loose bun to steam hair in the shower, having your hair down will add weight to your curls and drop the pattern. If needed add a bit of styling product after a shower for a quick ‘wash n go’ style without the actual wash.


3 . Twists Do the Trick

Lately I have been too busy to style my hair in shingles or flat twists, so I have been using jumbo twists to cheat the set and get the twist out effect.

Twists and Twist outs are the best styles to get days and days of wear with a phenominal take down style. Twist styls are perfect for curly girls who are athletes where hard activity and sweat is unavoidable. Twists enable you to work hard and play hard, but also slay hard!

If you are running late in the morning to school or work and realize that your hair is on its last leg, this refresher style is for you. All you need is your spritz, a pony tail holder, and your favorite styling product.

  • First you’ll apply your spritz to your hair and smooth it from root to ends.
  • Next, you’ll put your hair into a high pony tail, smoothing the hairline, Crown (top of your head), and nape (back of the neck) with a brush.
  • Then you’ll take big even sections from your pony tail and apply a bit of product to each section and two strand twist it to the ends.
  • Leave the twists in for the entire day and unravel the next day.

My Tip: I like to use Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls styling cream for my leave in product and if my twist are holding I like to use Eco Styler Gel Sport, the pink bottle, to set the hair.

The jumbo twist pony can be worn for as many days as you’d like and you’re able to get two styles in half the time. If you like twists may be placed on top of the head for a seneglese bun style.


There we have it, those were the 3 Quick Ways I like to refresh my Curly hair when I’m either too lazy or just on the go. Refreshing your curls doesn’t have to be an entire day worth of steps and products. You can cheat the system while still maintaining healthy stylish curls. Which tip was your favorite?

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