Mixed Hair Care : 3 Reasons To Use Aloe Vera Juice for Curly Hair

In recent years Aloe Vera has been growing in popularity, well-known for its healing properties for burns on skin, it’s now making waves as a miracle hair product.

The Growers-Exchange.com says Aloe Vera is

A succulent plant that has no stem, the fleshy leaves hold special sacs filled with a gel that is released when the leaf is cut.[…] The gel is used to soothe burns, cuts and any skin inflammation.

If you haven’t heard of the benefits of using Aloe Vera for hair, this article will quickly tell you 3 reasons you’ll want to make it a staple.


Aloe Vera juice

*Aloe Vera juice is as common as butter or cooking oil, and can be purchased at your local WalmartUsually purchased in gel, Aloe Vera can be purchased as a pure juice or oil.


1 . Moisturizes Dry Curly Hair

The Aloe Vera plant originates from African and Mediterranean regions, it is a tough plant containing pointy barbs on it’s thick long leaves. Not to be fooled by the leaves’ appearance, the inside of an Aloe Vera plant is a gelatinous mixture of vitamin C & E, antimicrobials, salicylic acid, and minerals.

With a natural pH of 4.5 – 5.5, which is the same pH of our scalp and hair,  Aloe Vera juice easily penetrates the scalp and repairs damaged follicles using fast regeneration properties. Aloe Vera Juice is slightly alkaline and contributes to the strengthening of hair’s acid mantle which protects the hair against environmental damage such as UV rays, wind, and cold.

Easily penetrating the scalp and hair and supplying the acid mantle, Aloe Vera juice is a perfect moisturizer for hair during the Summer and Winter months. Aloe Vera juice seals while it heals, and provides a light weight and clean freshness to the scalp.

Aloe Vera juice makes the perfect moisturizer for any scalp condition, oily, dry, dandruff, or otherwise. Absorbing fast into the scalp and hair, while fortifying the hair strands with necessary minerals.

moisturized curls

My Curls After Using my Aloe Vera and Water Spritz and Miss Jessies Pillow Soft Curls


2 . Tames Frizzy Hair

There is nothing worse than going through your curly hair routine, only to end up with frizz. Regardless of humidity sprays or gels, sometimes the frizz find a way to power though. Aloe Vera juice coats hair with minerals and vitamins that close the hair cuticles and lays hair fibers down smoothly.

Frizzy hair originates from dry hair fibers sliding against one another, Aloe Vera juice conditions and smooths the cuticles enabling hair to slide against it self without friction. Fortifying amino acids, Vitamin E, Salicylic acid condition and close the hair cuticle.

Aloe Vera juice strengthens hair strands by infusing them with nutrients providing a luster and shine.
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3 . Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Aloe Vera is known for its rapid healing properties for burns and skin issues. It can be used to heal the scalp and eliminate build up issues. Done by suppling the scalp with amino acids and vitamins.

Aloe vera juice is the same pH as our scalp, making it slightly alkaline and a powerful fighter of dandruff and product build up. Aiding in the lifting and destruction of dirt and debris. Aloe vera juice flushes out the scalp breaking down dandruff, product, and dead skin cells.

When used daily you will witness less scalp dryness, less split ends, and less dry broken hair strands.


Here is an example of what Aloe Vera Juice has done for me.

The photo on the left (2015) : Before I used the LOC method routine using just water to re-wet my curls and my Miss Jessies Styling Cream. You can see that my curls are still dry and frizzy, back then on the beach I still followed my 3 Tips for Swimming with Curly Hair.

The photon on the right (2016) : I still used the LOC method routine but added Aloe Vera Juice with my water to re-wet my curls. My hair flourished and looked healthy with just one addition to a routine that was working for me but needed to be a little better.

As you can see the addition of Aloe Vera Juice to my curly hair routine turned it around drastically. I’ve always used the LOC method to style my hair and I’ve always used my Miss Jessies and Eco Styler. As soon as I added Aloe Vera Juice to my routine my hair became more hydrated and moisturized. I experienced less split ends, less two strand knots, and growth became regular experience.



The benefits of using Aloe Vera Juice for curly hair are amazing. Able to be added without changing your entire routine or purchasing expensive products.

Spritzing your hair everyday with Aloe Vera juice to remoisten product, cool an itching scalp, or refresh your curls is a fantastic way to add hydration and balance while obtaining strengthen and growth.


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