Mixed Hair Care: 4 More Nut-Free Oils for Curly Hair

Oils are an important part of sealing and hydrating hair strands in curly hair routines. Able to be purchased in a variety of scents, strengths, and properties, oils can be used for just about anything.

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Before diving into the meat of this article, let us first make the distinction between Essential Oils and Carrier oils, because not all oils can be used the same way. NenoNatural found that

Carrier oils are normally vegetable oils derived from the fatty parts of a plant, such as the seed, kernels or nuts; essential oils usually come from non-fatty areas such as bark, roots, stems, leaves and the aromatic portions of the plant

NenoNatural warns us that Essential Oils can cause burns and irritation to the skin if applied directly. Essential Oils must be diluted before use on the skin and hair, as they are very concentrated. Examples of Essential Oils would be Tea Tree and Lavender, while a great Carrier Oil would be Vitamin E oil.

The oils we will be discussing today are all safe for use on the hair, and if containing an essential oil, can be purchased specifically for use on the hair and scalp.


1 . Neem oil

Neem Oil

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Originating from India, Neem oil is a vegetable oil pressed from the seeds of the Neem Tree. Neem oil ranges in a variety of colors from yellows, to ambers, reds, and even green. Accompanied with a odorous scent similar to peanuts and garlic. This Essential Oil is effective for keeping the scalp skin clean, aiding in the elimination of parasites like lice.

Neem oil is different in the way it works, in that it does not affect the cuticle or hair fibers, but works from inside the scalp skin. This makes it efficient at healing scaring and making the scalp more elastic and smooth. Contributing to the strength and health of the hair.

Neem oil is even used to prevent hair loss due to parasitic hair problems. With the nutrition and health Neem oil brings to the scalp skin, it is also an effective oil to use as a foundation for healthy growth. Women with Alopecia can use Neem oil to cleanse, clarify, and rebuild their areas of hair loss.


2 . Peppermint oil



Peppermint Oil is extracted from the peppermint leaves, after moist leaves are left to dry they are sent to the distillery to extract the oil.

Effective at breaking down product build up and stimulating the scalp for blood circulation, peppermint oil is fantastic as a deep cleaning penetrating oil. With various strengths providing different degrees of stimulation and penetration.

Peppermint Oil is scientifically proven to aid in hair growth and length retention. According to Healthline.com, a 2014 study the use of Peppermint oil on mice found that the areas where the oil was applied, hair had grown faster and thicker than untreated areas.



3 . Lavender oil

Lavender oil moisturizes the scalp and balances sebum production, perfect for those dealing with multiple hair textures. Lavender oil is microbial so its perfect at handling mild dandruff and bacterial scalp issues, and gentle enough to use on children who scratch or have frequently scalp dryness.

Healthline.com found a 2016 study which found that treating mice with Lavender oil grew thicker longer hair faster than untreated areas. Lavender oil is also said to help with alopecia and pattern baldness, producing a soothing stimulating tingle.

Lavender oil also helps reduce skin inflammation and provides healing properties. Fantastic for use after getting braided styles to ease the pain from tension alopecia and hair bumps.


4 . Avocado oil

avocado oil

Avocado oil is a carrier oil pressed from the fruit of the Avocado. Containing vitamins A, B, D, and E, this oil is extremely beneficial for healthy hair.

Rich in fatty acids Avocado oil can promote healthy hair growth and length retention. Coating the hair with it’s rich oil, Avocado oil works great for dry hair especially during the summer months. Heavier than most other carrier oils, Avocado oil is perfect for thick low porosity hair.

Avocado oil is rich in protein, containing magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, and amino and folic acids. The vitamins in this oil provide the hair moisture, giving hair smoothness and a lustrous shine.


Keep in mind this is not a complete list of nut-free hair oils, we will discuss many more in time. If you liked any of the oils mentioned in this article, please click the photo descriptions to be directed to a purchasing page where you can add these into your curly hair routine.


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