Mixed Hair Care : 4 Tips for Camping with Biracial Curly Hair

Lets talk about camping.

Now I know I’m not the only biracial curly hair girl who loves to hike through dense woods, set up shop, and start a blazing fire warning all the spiders and bugs that I’m not afraid to whap them with a red-hot log.

Well maybe the last part is just me. But, I know that as a biracial curly hair girl my curls just don’t do well in heat, smoke, and soot. I used to camp every single weekend with my husband in Houston Texas, and if you know where Sam Houston National Park is you KNOW that those trees can hold in that heat honey. We camped so darn much we might as well have moved out of our apartment and lived in the woods.

Camping with Curly hair

Look at this Mane! Could you believe this was 3rd day camping curls??


Now if you see the picture above with my curly hair coming gracefully out of my tent, I bet you wonder how I achieved such fantastic curls after 3 days of fires, sweat, hiking, heat and humidity! Well that is just what I’m going to explain to you here in this post over my Biracial Curly Hair Routine for Camping!


1 . Pack Your Essentials

Just because you are going out doors to rough it, doesn’t mean your routine has to be rough too. Pack your essential products, just as you would if you were going on vacation.

For my camping kit I never EVER leave without my Aloe Vera juice and water mixture spray (very easy to make 1/2 part Aloe Vera juice and 1/2 part water). My styling cream, Miss Jessies Pillow soft curls, and my Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel.

Would you skip on brush your teeth while camping? If your answer is no, then you can see why I kept up my hair routine the same as always while camping. Before setting out in the wilderness I made sure to wash my hair, moisturized my scalp with Jojoba or Coconut oil, and used the L.O.C (G) method on my hair while styling it as Shingles or Twists. Protecting your hair before going out is very important for the weather stress test you’re about to go through during your camping trip.


2 . Make Sure to Stay Hydrated ALL DAY LONG

So I know a lot of the times you hear other hair gurus say “Drink lots of water, Stay hydrated. Blah blah blah.” You may be wondering, how the heck is drinking water going to hydrate my hair. Well let me tell you how, because I was saying this same thing.

It is very important to hydrate the body from within in order to combat scalp dryness. If you are dehydrated your body will supply little moisture to the upper layers of your skin, i.e. scalp skin, leaving you to rely on external moisturizing products to hydrate your scalp (Jojoba oil and Coconut Oil). This is because water housed in the deeper skin layers of your scalp travels upward transferring into the stratumcornium, which then evaporates leaving the skin feeling dry. The stratumcornium is located within the Epidermis, or the upper most part of the scalp, this is the layer of skin cells we work with on a daily basis (scalp skin) in which our hair shaft shoots out of.

Thus it is very important to hydrate your body from within by drinking lots of water, especially around a blazing camp fire and humid weather that will only further dehydrate you and suck moisture out of your scalp and skin.

It is also necessary to supplement moisture to your scalp skin using your aloe vera/water mixture and your plant-based oils. Aloe Vera juice restores the moisture lost to your scalp skin, restores the natural pH balance, and calms the dry itchy feeling that comes with dehydrated and advanced keratin flaking (from dehydration).

Make sure to bring extra hydration for your hair, not only is it crucial for you to provide extra moisture to your scalp skin during outdoor overnight camping, your scalp will also reward you with flourishing happy hair.


Camping with Natural Hair

This giant spray bottle is filled with 1/2 Aloe Vera Juice and 1/2 Water.


Find out why Aloe Vera Juice is perfect for curly hair hydration: 3 Reason to use Aloe Vera Juice for Curly Hair


3 .  Hair Ties, Head Bands, and Scrunchies

Now you must be outta your mind if you thought this curl girl had her luscious locs down and out during my camping activities!

First off, no giant spider is going to burrow in this head, second off can we talk about how darn hot it is when you are camping! I have waist length hair (mid back when shrinkage kicks in), and I suffer from the  “I can’t wrap it 3x around, and 2x is not enough” club, so pony tails are never a go to for me, talk about headache city! What I like to do instead is put all my hair on top of my head in a messy curly bun and just wrap the hair tie around my bun ONCE.

I suffer from terrible migraines, and with heat and humidity in the mix with a tight bun camping would go down hill for me quick! You also want your scalp skin to be able to breathe, and if it is tightly bound your scalp doesn’t have the air flow it needs to cool it down from the heat.

If buns aren’t your thing, I suggest Dutch braids as a low manipulation protective style while camping. Not only is it super cute, but it also leaves you free to have fun instead of worry about your hair. If you want more styling ideas check out my facebook, where I compile videos of all my favorite curly styles that are easy to try!

Loose Bun while camping

A loose bun is essential for camping when you have heavy, dense, curly hair.


4 . Bonnets at Bedtime

Just because we are camping doesn’t mean we can skimp on the bonnets! Always wrap your hair up at night, either in a satin wrap/doo-rag, a satin pillow case (I got mine from the dollar tree lol), or a bonnet.

Personally I like to use all three at the same time, I have a lot of hair and the more satin-y goodness that surrounds it the better! It may seem like a chore to do while camping, but you definitely need to wrap up your curls at the end of roughing it up. Your hair will already be in a fragile state due to the increased blood circulation going on at the scalp level, and from all the heat and humidity dehydrating your scalp skin and body.

When you camp in the outdoors you are going to sweat a lot. No? Just me? Having a thermal sleeping bag, warm jammies, and dropping outside temperatures is definitely not ideal for your hair, can we say frizz nation? So in order to wake up with pillow soft curls and not a frizzy fro, you better doo-rag it up or suffer the curse!

Though it may look silly, it’s always better to wrap it up than to not. Even with friends, I used to be the girl with the bonnet on at sleep overs and they used to make fun of me for it! But I knew that a bonnet was necessary for my hair so I honestly didn’t care.

So don’t worry about what others may think and do what is necessary for your hair. Because believe me when I tell you, one night in the woods without a bonnet and you’re going to be wishing you never touched that head down to that cotton pillow.

Curly Hair while camping

Beautiful, Serene, and Calming greenery all around me.


In general camping doesn’t have to be an experience limited to those naturally straight-haired ladies. Curl girls can camp too! So tell me are you an outdoorsy curl girl like me? Have you ever went overnight camping with curls? I’d really love to know!



2 thoughts on “Mixed Hair Care : 4 Tips for Camping with Biracial Curly Hair

  1. Hi, I had a question about wash day after camping. So I washed my hair Thursday night before camping, and now it’s Sunday and my hair stinks like campfire but it’s sooo dry. I could skip my cgm shampoo, but i think that’s what gets the fire smell out. I use trader joe’s shampoo because I am prone to build up since I have loose spirals/waves. Thanks!

    • Hi Sydney! I guess I’m a bit confused on what you questions is! So let’s address the dry issue! For me, when I go camping I keep my water mixture spray for moisturizing purposes. I would suggest using hair glycerin for the dryness without disturbing your curls, and if your not a fan of rewetting your curls this is perfect. Campfire smoke will dry out hair in an instant, but glycerin fills the cuticles while sealing it from the inside. Please give it a try! Also perfect for dryness after your wash day!

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