Mixed Hair Care : 5 Hair Care Tips for Parents of Biracial Children

Biracial hair care is an cold sport. Some things work for some people, and some things don’t! It can seem like one product is working fine, and then one day it just stops!

There is a wealth of information about routines and regimes for parents and care givers all over the internet. Sometimes the most important information such as things as simple as weather change and product ingredients are the simplest and often forgotten.

So in this post we will go over 5 tips that are not often talked about in order to understand and do better biracial hair .

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Mixed Hair Care: My Biracial Hair Care Journey

Some of you guys may be wondering who I am and how I got here! Well that is a long story so I’ll skip to the good parts.

I have always been a lover of hair. From a little girl till now, I’ve always experimented with hairstyles and methods to find my own. Growing up in a time where hair products for biracial hair were no existent, experimenting was all you could do. Anyhow, It’s 2018, and we are in a world where hair care products are making huge leaps and bounds to accommodate mixed race people and our wondrously different hair needs.

Being Multiracial isn’t just black and white, we have other cultures and ethnicities of all mixes and we need to make sure EVERYONE’s hair needs are met! We are here on this blog to focus on our diverse cultural backgrounds and finessing the curly hair we have been bestowed.

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